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Additional services of the Budget car rental in Minsk

We provide the additional services and equipment to make your car rental experience in Minsk comfortable. Don’t change your schedule and habbits! To utilize Budget’s additional services, please indicate so in the Comments field of the Reservation Form, send us an email or call us at +375 (29) 669-73-11.

Additional equipment:

  • Baby car seat: € 8 per day, € 40 for the entire rental period
  • Wi-Fi router: € 6 per day, € 70 for the entire rent period
  • GPS navigation device: € 5 per day, € 40 for the entire rent period

Additional Services:

  • Additional driver. The cost of including the additional drivers into the Rental Agreement is € 25 per driver during the entire rental period.
  • SuperCover. You can rent a car with zero excess if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. SuperCover is an alternative to the damage waivers. It can be purchased at an additional daily charge: groups, А, В, С-€ 10 per day; D, E-€ 15; F, G-€ 20; J, L-€ 30. View the long-term car rental SuperCover prices.
  • Prepaid fuel. The vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel and must be returned full. You can pay for filling the fuel tank in advance and don’t think about how much fuel is left when you return the car. The refueling charge has the same cost per liter as on the gas stations in Belarus.
  • Car collection/delivery during non-business hours. Budget’s offices are open 7 days a week during the business hours. The service fee for picking up or returning the vehicle during the non-business hours is € 25.
  • Car collection/delivery to another location. If you want to deliver/collect the vehicle within Belarus at the location other than Minsk or National Airport, you will have to pay the one way service fee of € 90.