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Budget’s short-term car rental rules

Here are the Budget’s rules for a short-term car rental (up to 30 days). If you plan to rent a car in Minsk more than 30 days, please check the Long-term car-rental rules section. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Driver’s age

The minimum age requirements for the renter and the additional drivers are 21 years for the А-G car groups, 25 years for the J, L groups.

Driver’s license

The driver must have at least 2 years of driving experience to rent a car regardless of the car group. Driver’s licenses printed with non-Roman alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Japanese, etc.) must be complemented by an International driver’s license.

Documents needed to collect the vehicle

To pick up the car at the Budget’s rental location, the driver must have a passport, a valid driving license, and a credit card.

Payment Methods

We take Visa, MasterCard, and cash. You can pay for the car at the rental location. Cash payments require a credit card valid at the time of the vehicle’s pick-up.


We provide the car rental insurances, such as CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection). These insurances limit the driver’s responsibility in case of collision or theft respectively. Upon singing a Rental Agreement with the driver, the Budget’s agent will authorise a sum on the driver’s credit card (also called franchise or excess). In case of an accident, the driver will only have to pay the sum of the excess. If the vehicle is returned undamaged, the authorization will be refunded.

Damage Waivers (CDW and TP)

  • Groups, А, В-€ 650
  • Groups С, D, E, F, G-€ 900
  • Groups J, L-€ 1 200

The car insurances are conditional, meaning that the coverage depends on who is responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle. The purchase of CDW does not cover the undercarriage or tire damage. If the customer does not purchase the insurance, the customer will be responsible in the amount of the vehicle’s value.

SuperCover (Super CDW and TP)

The SuperCover allows the customer to rent a car with zero excess if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. SuperCover is an alternative to the damage waivers. It can be purchased at an additional daily charge.

  • Groups, А, В, C-€ 10 per day
  • Groups D, E-€ 15
  • Groups F, G-€ 20
  • Groups J, L-€ 30

SuperCover does not include the tire damage.

Additional drivers

The cost of including the additional drivers into the Rental Agreement is € 25 per driver during the entire rental period. Additional drivers must meet the minimum age requirements and have valid driving licenses.

Extra equipment

The extra equipment is installed upon the prior request. The request can be made in the Comments filed of the Reservation Form, via e-mail or phone. You can rent the following items:

  • Baby car seat: € 8 per day or € 40 for the entire rent period
  • Wi-Fi router: € 6 per day or € 70 for the entire rent period
  • GPS navigation device: € 5 per day or € 40 for the entire rent period

Ski racks, luggage racks, and chains are not available for rent.


All rental vehicles are equipped with:

  • radio/CD/ mp3 stereo system
  • central locking
  • immobilizer
  • winter tires from November 15 to March 15

One way car rental

You can pick up and return the car in the different cities and locations. One way car rental service is available within Belarus, the service fee is € 90. The one way car rental across the border is possible, it requires a special procedure in advance.


The vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel and must be returned full. Otherwise, our current refueling charge will apply with the same cost per liter as on the gas stations in Belarus.


In case of breakdown, please call the 24-hour emergency road service hotline at +375 (29) 669-73-11, +375 (17) 334-79-90 and follow the instructions in the car.

Car availability

Cars of all groups are available for driving within Belarus. Cross-border rentals require prior arrangements and a special procedure in advance.

Cross border rentals

Cross border rentals can be organized upon a prior request and require a special procedure in advance.

Minimum rental and reservation period

A reservation for each rental should be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of rental. The minimum car rental charge is one day (24 hours).

Collection and delivery

You can collect/deliver the vehicle to the nearest Budget’s car rental office in Minsk. This service is free of charge 7 days a week during the business hours. The service fee for picking up or returning the vehicle during the non-business hours is € 25. If you want to deliver/collect the vehicle within Belarus at the location other than Minsk or National Airport, you will have to pay the one way service fee of € 90.

Budget’s car rental business hours:

  • Downtown Minsk (the office is located in the hotel Minsk): 9.00–18.00
  • Minsk National Airport (the office is located at the arrival gates 3–4): 10.00–19.00

The collection/delivery of the rental vehicle during the non-business hours and the one way rental are the additional services available upon request. To order these services, please indicate so in the Comments field of the Reservation Form, send us an email or call us at +375 (17) 334-79-90.